SpaceSniffer — utility that will show information about the disk space of your computer.

If you lost gigabytes, do not look for them walking through thousands of folders. The program SpaceSniffer analyzes the volume of your hard drive, it shows it all in the form of different rectangular areas (within these areas there may be more areas). The size of the regions is determined by the large volume of folders and files. To view the contents of a folder, just click on the area once.

SpaceSniffer allows you to find out information about the file. If you want to work with files of the same extension, then you can use the file filtering function by extension.

SpaceSniffer Features for Windows

  • Configure the display of information about the hard disk.
  • Allows you to copy, move, delete files and filter (by size, extension and name of files) your hard disk.
  • Can export the analysis results to a text file.
  • The function of scanning a disk for the presence of files of a certain extension.
  • Laconic interface, easy to use.
Windows 8, 7, XP
Uderzo Umberto
October 10, 2016

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