Process Monitor

Process Monitor

Process Monitor — program that allows you to monitor the processes in the operating system Windows.

Advanced users will appreciate the advanced features and detailed information that Process Monitor provides for each running process.

Process Monitor monitors the actions of processes (access to sites, folders, startup actions, and so on) and determines the necessity of their presence in the system. Real-time monitoring is performed by the file system, the registry, the network, threads within the processes, and so on. Tracking activity can be useful in solving problems in the operation of the OS and finding problematic processes.

Process Monitor Features for Windows

  • Monitors the start and shutdown of processes and threads.
  • The function of tracking the loading of images.
  • Setting special filters will not result in data loss.
  • Possibility of reliable collection of information about the process, including the way to the image.
  • Adapted logging architecture extends the utility capability to tens of millions of registered events.
  • Show detailed prompts.
  • Permanent logging of all operations.
Windows 10/8/7
February 12, 2018

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