HWMonitor — program for measuring the temperature and frequency of certain components of a PC.

For more than 7 years HWMonitor has been in the top of the best programs for computer diagnostics. The utility is unique in its kind, as there are no worthy analogs to this program.

HWMonitor is able to measure the temperature level of some components, a computer or a laptop. In addition, the utility is able to determine the voltage level and the speed of the cooling system.

HWMonitor Features for Windows

  • Determines the temperature of the motherboard, processor, hard disk and video card.
  • Determines the speed of the fans of the processor, video card and casing.
  • Determines the clock frequency of the processor, core and memory of the video card.
  • Temperature monitoring will help to prevent problems with the PC: overheating, timely replacement of thermal grease, cleaning, replacement parts.
  • The comfort of using the program and the ability to save the results in a text format.
  • The program shows true testimony and is effective in use.
  • Does not make changes to the operating system registry.
Windows 10, 8, 7, XP
April 9, 2018

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