Cyberfox — modification of the free browser Mozilla Firefox with the modified interface.

Comparing with Firefox, this browser shows a much faster download of the page, but it means the system can be loaded much more. Visual differences between Cyberfox and Mozilla Firefox you can only on a more gray palette of the graphic type of the interface and the corporate character of the logo in the upper corner on the right. In another respect, the browser is identical.

Among the advantages of the Cyberfox web browser is its productive work and additional functions during the application. During the use of the Intel processor, the version of Cyberfox is advised to download for this company. Developers also provide the ability to download software for downloading and reviewing web pages.

The program features allow you to apply your own profile, where there are menus of all the main settings together with the Russifier. In the menu of this browser there is a search setting, a bookmark and a history of visits. Thanks to the settings menu, you can use tools to change the design and interface of the browser. Among the additional features worth noting the possibility of downloading the browser in Russian, so as to be more convenient to use the function of software applications.

This program, comparing with other browsers, has a number of undeniable advantages — better productivity and excellent speed of the team. This browser has an individual software package for any processor, Russian version for Windows, a simple interface that allows you to speed up the opening and loading of the website much faster.

Cyberfox Features for Windows

  • It can be suitable for 32 and 64 line PC systems.
  • Has a number of packages to install.
  • Has a set of settings and functionality.
  • Has high productivity and speed.
  • Has a crack.
  • Can be downloaded for any Windows operating system.
Windows 10, 8, 7, XP
June 7, 2018

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