Cent Browser

Cent Browser

Cent Browser — browser based on the Chromium engine and modified with non-standard features.

Mouse gestures, an innovative drag-and-drop system, the ability to activate a single-processor mode of operation, the technology of converting links to QR-code, and also — parallel interaction with several search engines.

Cent Browser Features for Windows

  • Support. Developers promote Cent Browser for a long time and successfully — old mistakes have been cured for a long time, problems with optimization have been eliminated, and traffic leakage can not be remembered. As an added plus — full integration of all the features available in the official Chromium store. All extensions, plugins, themes and additional visual effects are instantly loaded into the Cent Browser and are easily used without any parameters and manually prescribed instructions.
  • Management of the Cent Browser. Interacting with the browser using hot keys is incredibly easy — the right combination is the whole collection, and if new combinations are needed, you can come up with a new rule in Cent Browser in two accounts. If for some reason the keyboard with the necessary buttons was not at hand, the developers suggest using the gestures in the browser Cent Browser. Just hold the right mouse button and move the cursor around the screen — and the additional tab opens, and the plug-ins from the quick access are loaded, and the transition to the incognito mode occurs (read such gestures in the Cent Browser almost instantly and unmistakably). Of course, all sets of actions can be customized — it is not necessary to conjure with a mouse like a magic wand, the main thing is to think out the order of actions in advance and draw several blanks in the Cent Browser.
  • Protection. Confidential data is always perfectly guarded, for such purposes a whole collection of additional algorithms is invented. First of all, they allow you to save passwords in a special store of Cent Browser, create personal profiles for quick synchronization between different computers, receive alerts about fraudulent and unsafe resources. Protection from malicious software, of course, is maintained, but not too active (the browser Cent Browser can cope with only pop-up notifications, ads and banners, but otherwise you can run into «trouble»), and therefore have to stock up additional extensions.
  • The system. The main advantage of Cent Browser is the perfect optimization. First, the load is perfectly distributed on multi-core processors, computers, where there really is a lot of RAM. Secondly, traffic is seriously saved — images in the Cent Browser are unnoticeably lost in quality, previously loaded resources are added to the cache and are not overloaded, but are restored from the local copy, and the rest of the content is adjusted for specific network capabilities.
Windows 10, 8, 7
Cent Studio
May 17, 2018

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