AOL Shield

AOL Shield

AOL Shield - browser recommended to users of web-interfaces of banks and electronic payment systems.

One of the most popular engines to date is the Chromium engine from Google. The subject of our consideration is the AOL Shield browser - the derivative of this particular software platform.

The creators of AOL Shield have set themselves the goal of maximizing the protection of the user from uninvited active network agents. As such, you can mention viruses, phishing advertising, as well as spyware, which swarms with an unprotected computer properly. The program is designed for use in all versions of Windows. There are no specific restrictions on the possibility of its operation is not superimposed.

AOL Shield Features

  • The browser is made on the best in the world engine Chromium.
  • Supports the option of adding Chrome plug-ins.
  • Provides dynamic encryption of incoming and outgoing data streams.
  • Block attempts by third-party programs and unauthorized persons to "spy" on the user's work.
  • It takes a moderate size on the disk and is completely free.

Installing on the hard drive AOL Shield, we get several bonuses that are absent by default in other browsers:

  • Option to protect against "keyloggers".
  • Option to block attempts to make a screen copy.
  • The anti-phishing option provided by advanced PhishLock technology.
  • Option to detect and block software "hooks" (EntryProject).
Windows 10/8/7

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