Pale Moon

Pale Moon

Pale Moon — web browser for surfing web pages, or, as everyone calls it, a browser.

At the heart of Pale Moon is the famous Mozilla Firefox browser, and its code is publicly available.

Pale Moon differs from other browsers in that its performance is always higher than that of its competitors. So, with it the user does not appear in a situation when the Internet browser uses most of the RAM. Also, the developer of Pale Moon, claims that due to the adjustment of the browser, for different types of processors, led to the fact that its performance increased by 25%.

The fact that Pale Moon is based on Firefox has a positive effect on its further development. Security updates and bug fixes, the browser automatically receives from Firefox ESR. This feature allows Pale Moon to use most of the applications written specifically for Mozilla Firefox.

Despite the trends, and the fact that browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Interet Explorer in 2015 abandoned the plug-ins that use NPAPI, Pale Moon still continues to allow users to use plugins of this type.

Pale Moon Features for Windows

  • Surfing sites, viewing computer files and the rest, the standard features of browsers.
  • Open source code allows anyone who understands the topic, personalize Pale Moon for themselves, add new features or remove unnecessary.
  • Pale Moon retains the old design of Mozilla Firefox, so it will be an excellent choice for users who did not adapt to Firefox after version 3.6.
  • Special adjustment of the browser to the processor of the user’s device, allows to increase its productivity, using less resources.
  • Thanks to the open code, users get the opportunity to create new assemblies that meet the necessary requirements.
Windows 10/8/7/XP
May 18, 2018

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