Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon - fast and highly functional browser developed on the Chromium engine.

In addition to protecting against malicious software and the leakage of personal data, there is a system for verifying SSL certificates. The struggle with advertising in Comodo Dragon is also underway, and very successfully - annoying banners do not float up, visual alerts and additional tabs are blocked, and all sorts of spies that attach to user sessions are cleaned every time, excluding at least some problems with optimization.

Comodo Dragon Features

  • Privacy. The developers offer to go to the full anonymity mode (in other words, to become "Incognito") - the information about search requests is not saved, local copies of the downloaded pages do not remain in memory, and the elements of Cookies in Comodo Dragon are blocked.
  • The system. Browser Comodo Dragon easily adapts to personal computers with any characteristics (the amount of RAM, the current version of the operating system, the processor, the graphics core), and therefore - gives a moderate load and warns if some operations are getting out of control. Consumption of network traffic in the browser Comodo Dragon is also regulated at the program level.
  • Check. Web pages are checked before each visit, both for unsafe protocols and recently caught (including by other users) threats. It's almost impossible to accidentally look through Comodo Dragon for a potentially fraudulent resource in the automatic mode. If you still want to peek behind the veil of secrets, you'll have to manually assign a new access rule that excludes the prescribed lock.

Free Download Comodo Dragon for Windows 7/10 from the official site.

Windows 10/8/7
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