Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser - free, fast, easy and easily configurable web browser based on Chromium.

The application has a beautiful design, you can change skins, good integration with the social network Facebook and the ability to download video files makes it a popular browser.

Baidu Browser Features

  • If you, for example, take a regular Chrome, add a couple of useful options and change the design, you will get the Baidu Browser program as a result.
  • Baidu Browser allows you to use mouse gestures for some manipulations, for example, to change, close or open new tabs, or move forward or backward. The program interface also offers a Media button, which allows you to download video files from the pages you are viewing.
  • Another useful option, through which you can turn off the sound on all tabs, for example, you have opened many tabs and you do not know where the unpleasant sound comes from.
  • In addition, the Baidu Browser program consists of a screenshot function. You can crop a part of the page or the entire page in general. In addition, the browser is integrated with the basic tools in order to retouch images or add text, colors and other functions.

Free Download Baidu Browser for Windows 7/10 from the official site.

Windows 10/8/7/XP
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