Orbitum — freely distributable and easily customizable browser based on the Chromium engine.

In addition to the functionality that provides comfortable communication, Orbitum also has other options: several tools that protect confidential data, a system that monitors malicious software and fraudulent resources, and also supports algorithms that allow downloading torrent files without installing an additional client.

Features of Orbitum for Windows

  • Easily. From the installation to the authorization in the social network, exactly two minutes pass — no tricky instructions and complex actions, the main thing is to follow the emerging recommendations and get a grasp of the visual advice that pops up during the start-up briefing. In the future, the intuitive interface in Orbitum will not disappear anywhere — chatting, navigating through web resources and viewing pictures as conveniently as possible, and questions will not arise even from those who first encounter both the Internet and browsers.
  • Settings. Two types of parameters are supported in Orbitum. First of all, you are allowed to work with «basics» — changing the static background, new fonts, choosing a key search engine, studying several modes of interaction (incognito, when information about visiting pages is not saved, for example), changing the scale, setting passwords. The second variant of the settings in Orbitum is the work on the theme (downloaded from the section with extensions), the visual improvement of the personal page in Vkontakte (a similar change, unfortunately, can be seen only by the owners of the Orbitum browser), the compilation of the list of bookmarks.
  • Messages. Talking with friends and family in Orbitum is allowed in an innovative multi-chat that supports the integration of several social networks, and at the same time allows you to switch to «Music» and «Radio.» Never before to be in the know of all the news did not turn out so easily and quickly.
  • Optimization. Developers Orbitum allow you to choose how to upload content on the pages, whether to open pop-up windows, and whether you need to allocate space for advertising. If you refuse all unnecessary charms, then the download of web resources will happen almost instantly, and even with traffic in Orbitum there will be no problems.
Windows 10/8/7/XP
Orbitum LLC
August 18, 2017

Orbitum Free Download

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