Unity Web Player

Unity Web Player

Unity Web Player — free gaming plugin designed to play browser-based 3D games in full.

This program allows you to improve the playback quality of saturated 3D network games with complex graphics and animated characters. Unity Web Player after its installation on the computer automatically turns on when Internet games are launched. Having installed the program, fans of games such as Vega Conflict, Survival and City of Steam will be able to enjoy the correct display of their favorite toys directly in the browser window. Thanks to this program, users do not have to install games on the computer.

This game engine today found the most application in social networking applications. Most social networking games VKontakte can not normally play and function without installing Unity Web Player.

The main advantages of this plug-in are its compatibility with any version of Windows OS. Other advantages of Unity Web Player include:

  • security download on the computer;
  • small size;
  • Minimum requirements for operating system parameters;
  • automatic self-updating;
  • excellent detailing;
  • Extremely simple installation.

Unity Web Player Features for Windows

  • Unity Web Player supports the ability to launch network games in all popular browsers — Opera, Safari, Firefox and IE. And the user does not have to deal with the independent integration of the program into the browser. Unpacking and integration of the plug-in takes place automatically. The user only needs to make a single confirmation of the installation. Regardless of the browser, the user can independently select the scale of the image, thereby achieving the maximum detail of 3D-game objects. This feature allows you to reproduce the most complex games and applications without problems. In this case, the plug-in saves all changes in the cache of the Internet browser. This ensures a high download speed when you re-enter the game.
  • Among other features, you can also note the quick linking of the game with a profile in social networks. In general, the installation of Unity Web Player will make it possible to implement all the possibilities of a set of libraries and DirectX tools in 3D games, due to what the quality of physics and graphics of online games will not be inferior to client computer analogs.
Windows 10/8/7/XP
Unity Technologies
September 7, 2017

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