Citrio — cross-platform and fast-growing browser based on the technologies of the Chromium engine.

The main features are many — the synchronization of personal profiles, the protection of personal data, the total setting of menus and tabs, the fight against advertising and pop-up windows, support for gestures and hot keys. In part, the functionality of Citrio is standard and almost not selected outside the engine.

Citrio Features for Windows

  • Proxy. Recently, regional restrictions from the provider hinder the ability to freely study web pages, go to social networks or use useful, but long-blocked services. In Citrio, you can change the IP address on the fly and remove all restrictions within a few seconds. In addition to the expanded access, the status in the network will change from «easily identifiable» to «anonymous». In fact, you can leave no traces and do the safest surfing on the Internet with the help of Citrio.
  • Of additional features — a system of manually created templates with proxy servers. You are allowed to predefine several rules in Citrio to bypass regional restrictions, and then — at any time, switch to the appropriate settings in real time.
  • Saving content. Citrio preloads a download manager that allows you to manage both standard downloading of files from social networks and hosting (including YouTube), as well as experimental interaction with torrents.
  • News. The NewsHub client displays current and pre-sorted information about events in the world and selected cities on the main page with visual tabs in Citrio. The content is formed, both from checked and official sources, and from social networks (subscription to groups, friends).
Windows 10/8/7/XP
Catalina Group Ltd.
August 25, 2017

Citrio Free Download

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