NVDA — complex, freely distributed tool that interprets text on the screen of a personal computer.

Allows blind or visually impaired users to work freely with the PC without visual control.

You will no longer have to buy expensive equipment, pay special subscriptions to complex and redundantly functional applications, even a monitor that supports Braille and it does not come in handy — just set up NVDA and you can start working directly.

NVDA Features for Windows

  • Spread. First of all, you will not have to pay for any services and additional opportunities. The NVDA tool is completely free and does not even need installation — just get a portable version of the distribution and reset it to an external drive.
  • The second important plus is the open source NVDA. The developers did not limit the end users to the opportunities, and therefore provided a kind of environment for further adjustments and innovations. Any feature invented can be shared with the community and within a few days the user-invented feature will appear in the official NVDA update.
  • Runs NVDA exclusively on Windows. Problems with compatibility do not happen, and if some difficulties arise, then with the updates there are some kind of patches that support the stable operation of NVDA.
  • Synthesis. The translation of the text into speech deals with ESpeak technology, which supports about 30 languages.
  • Reproducing explanatory and directional signals in audio format in several ways — right through the text from left to right or when you hover the mouse over any interesting object.
  • Improvements. For NVDA written a huge number of plug-ins. It is enough to look into the store and download those extensions, without which the management of the personal computer is not possible.

NVDA is a free program for Windows from the Desktop Enhancements category. This program has a free license and is used on computers all over the world. On Veadug.com you can free download NVDA for Windows 7/10. Veadug.com is an international software portal for Windows operating systems. Download NVDA for free from the official website of NV Access Inc and be sure — the program will be useful to you.

Additional Information
Operating System
Windows 10, 8, 7, XP
NV Access Inc
Latest Version
August 17, 2018

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