Top-10 programs for processing photos on a PC

May 20, 2018
Top-10 programs for processing photos on a PC


Pixlr is one of the most versatile editors for processing photos of different sizes. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, this program resembles Photoshop. It includes the tools responsible for selecting, filling, applying gradients, blurring and zooming in / out the images. The editor works in different languages, including Russian, so it’s possible to understand its capabilities without problems. The created image is easily saved in such formats as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and others. An alternative to this application is Paint.NET.

Pros: a large set of tools, convenient management, both for the professional editor and beginner.
Disadvantages: there is advertising when downloading the free version.


Fotor is a bright simple interface, in which there are 5 main functional groups of tools. The first category consists of tools responsible for trimming with rotation, resizing and so on. The second and other categories are responsible for different effects, with which the editor can take photographs in the old style, overlay images to others, highlight them and much more.

After the photos have been edited, you can save them to your personal computer or immediately transfer them to any of the social networks. Also in the server are tools for collages, postcards and HDR-images.

The pluses include: a clear functional, a lot of effects and opportunities for photo retouching, the ability to transfer an edited snapshot to any social network.

As a drawback, it can be noted the need to pay extra for certain functions and the presence of pop-up advertising windows in the demonstration version.


PicMonkey is an editor that focuses on ease of use. With the help of it you can upload photos from any social network or from a personal computer and edit them by applying tools that are responsible for color correction, overlaying effects or textures, frames and animations in your work. An alternative to this application is PhotoScape.

Pros: There are many intuitive tools that are available to the beginners.
Disadvantages: there is no free version, but there are 7 days to use. Impossibility to edit images with a resolution of more than 16 MP.


BeFunky is one of the simplest and most understandable applications with a large number of effects and textures for collages, graphic design and simple photo processing. BeFunky is used as an advanced application for processing photos on a PC.

Pros: a lot of interesting effects and design elements.
Cons: you need to pay extra content; there is advertising in the free version.


Ribbet helps to easily cut, rotate, adjust in color and perform any basic operations, as well as with previously listed editors. There are a lot of stickers, text tools and effects in the service. Unlike other applications, it has seasonal decorations for photo processing. The main advantage is a convenient and simple interface, the opportunity to get a free version and send finished photos to any mail system or social networks.

The disadvantages include the inability to use certain functions without registration, the need to pay for content, advertising in the free version.


FotoFlexer is used by users as a bright application for Photoshop on a PC with a visual interface with the usual set of tools that are present in most photo editors. The advantage of the application is the ability to turn from a photo a hyph image, a free program and a clear functional. The disadvantages include the old design and low speed.


LunaPic is an old editor with vivid effects and the ability to control animation and color capabilities. It is interesting to implement the history of changes: the user sees a list of thumbnails with the effect of each of their actions and can return to any of them or instantly remove all operations. The advantages of the application are that it is free. The disadvantages include outdated design and advertising in the demo version.

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is used as the best PC application for photo editing. It has a standard toolbar and a pop-up menu. There is everything for the user to draw, add shapes, transform images, magnify, color-correct and do other actions with images.

Pros: There are all the basic and other commonly used tools from Photoshop.
Cons: you need to pay for additional content; there is advertising in the free version.


Aviary refers to brightly designed editors, which combine the editing capabilities with retouching and stylish decorative functions. If necessary, with it you can remove all the skin imperfections, whiten teeth, adjust the dimensions, impose the right perspective and color. If you need to embellish a picture for social networks, then with Aviary you can add stickers with text and impose an animation.

Pros: a fashionably designed interface design. Ability to use the application for free
Cons: no.


GIMP refers to the best free graphics editors that are used to qualitatively retouch any photo, process an image, create a logo for a beginner or professional. Of the pluses, users note the ability to save pictures in psd format and remove the red eye, 30 languages, portable and regular version for Windows XP. The disadvantages include the inability to understand the newbie interface without special lessons.

Interesting Facts

  • In the Pixlr program, you can even change levels, cross processes and curved lines.
  • The program Fotor can emulate the use of Tilt-Shift lens and can adjust positions with the depth of blur.
  • Recently released an updated version of GIMP. Now it has more simplified text editing and the ability to save files in XCF format.