Top 6 most effective programs for the extraction of crypto currency

May 20, 2018
Top 6 most effective programs for the extraction of crypto currency

Crypto-currencies have recently become regarded on global financial exchanges and since then their extraction has become comparable to business. Get the same currency due to the power of computer technology, which can be combined into farms. The process of extracting crypto-currency, which occurs on farms, is called «mining». The only thing you need to do before starting production is to create an electronic wallet and set up the software.

You should know that all antiviruses do not like the application for PCs that extract bitcoins. This is due to the fact that the entire mining process runs in the background without user intervention. In this regard, the installation of the program is recommended for separately assembled PCs for mining.


CGMiner is the most common application for minimizing crypto currency on a PC. It is better to install it on specially assembled farms. Its main advantage is high stability, the program works perfectly in the background. CGMiner does not have a GUI, setup and launch is done through the cmd console, the instruction with the commands for which is downloaded along with the program and is in a text file.

To read a text file, we recommend download Notepad++

Another advantage is the built-in proxy server. If your ISP restricts access to the pool for any reason, you can still connect to it.

  • High stability of work.
  • Detailed instructions.

  • No graphical interface.
  • Narrow specialization.

Interesting Facts! Today, in most popular online stores, you can make purchases by paying with a crypto currency. This provides the buyer with maximum anonymity.

For the anonymity of using the Internet, we recommend install Tor Browser


The first program for mining BTC created on Windows 10 with the Russian-language interface. In fact it is a copy of CGMiner, but with a graphical shell. The main advantage of this program is the automatic detection of PC components and the function of fast switching from the calculation of the video card to processor processing power. Also there is support for a remote server.

  • Russian-language interface.
  • Remote server mode.
  • Save profile settings.

  • Support only BTC.


Cantilever utility designed to extract popular currency zCash. Nheqminer is not suitable for beginners, since it does not have the usual interface and the attached manual. The entire list of available managed commands can be found after entering the «-h» procedure. The peculiarity of this program is that the extraction of currency begins with the start of the PC. Therefore, in order for your capacities to work for you, you should immediately specify your virtual purse.

  • High stability.

  • Start calculations immediately after the start of the PC.
  • No graphical interface.
  • Inconvenient access to help information.

Interesting Facts! In 2017, cloud-based services began to gain popularity. They work on the principle of leasing computing power. Sometimes it will be more profitable to rent a farm for a period, while the currency of interest is growing, than to collect the finished one.


Of all the above programs, Minergate is considered the most versatile. It can be configured for mining ETH, BTC, Zcash and other popular crypto currency. In addition to a simple and concise interface, the developers of the program realized the possibility of instant conversion of virtual money.

  • High versatility.
  • Built-in virtual media pipeline.
  • Support of public pools.

  • Automatic use of computing resources after the start of the machine.

Bitcoin core

The official application for mining on a PC is Bitcoin fondation. The main task of the program is to ensure the safe storage of the crypto currency on the PC. The program will allow you to regulate transactions, select priorities, establish fees for the transfer, and change authorization conditions. For maximum security, you can set additional encryption parameters.

Bitcoin core program itself does not have the functionality for mining, but you can connect to it a third-party miner for the production of crypto currency.

  • High level of protection.
  • User-friendly interface.

  • Lack of built-in miner.
  • Large size of the program.

Interesting Facts! Unlike currency currencies, all description and transfer of money from account to account are permanently recorded within Blockchain technology — it is a global decentralized and absolutely open database containing information about all wallets and committed transactions.

Awesome miner

A popular utility for remote administration of farms, the best choice for a user who professionally engaged in mining. Using Awsome miner, you can remotely assign tasks to a computer, monitor the load on the farm, temperature and many other data in real time. Extremely useful function that will help to earn on the extraction of currency even more is the possibility of automatic change in the extraction of currency based on its value in the market. For example, if your farm is currently more profitable for ETH mining, the program will remotely send a team to extract this currency.

In addition to the PC version, there are mobile versions for ios and android. Awesome miner is the only paid program from the list. Its price for the base version is 30, $ more than the professional 800. $

The application for mining on the PC, even in the basic configuration is very multifunctional. The utility supports all common crypto-currencies and has a clear interface. Use is recommended as a miner for a local PC. Also, if you are professionally engaged in mining, you definitely need to purchase this program. Due to the wide functionality and automatic analysis of the most valuable currency at the moment, the utility will pay its cost in the first months.

  • Automatic switching to a more valuable currency.
  • There is an application for smartphones.

  • The program is paid.
  • There is no built-in miner.