Battle for FPS - the best programs for optimizing games

May 23, 2018
Battle for FPS - the best programs for optimizing games
Computer operation is a complex system of interaction of hundreds of parameters. Constant updates, installation of new applications, confusion with registries and frequent conflicts between the antivirus and the firewall can clog up the system so that the operation of your device will become much lower in a few months. What about the games, whose system requirements are raised every year, and for smooth operation requires the mobilization of all the capacities of your PC. In this article we will bring the best programs for improving PC in a variety of tasks.

Applications to optimize your system

And in the first part of the article, we recommend applications that help optimize the entire system. This will increase the performance of the PC and help to increase not only FPS in games, but also the overall speed of the computer.


Perhaps the most popular application for optimizing PCs all over the world. Already such glory gives indulgence to the work of CCleaner, but with its tasks the program does really well.

CCleaner cleans all garbage from the system. This applies to temporary files left after installation or from the browser, various caches that you have not accessed for a long time, empty slots in the computer registry, unused clipboard data, cookies, and much more. It’s amazing that CCleaner periodically finds gigabytes of such unused garbage, freeing the system from having to «calculate» it.

A separate line is the CCleaner work on optimizing autoloading. The utility looks at the impact of the applications being loaded with the computer on the system, and itself suggests you to disable the most «heavy», thereby significantly speeding up the loading of Windows.

We also recommend downloading the analogue of the program — Wise Registry Cleaner

Kerish Doctor

Practically new, but already proven application to improve PC performance. Kerish doctor easily takes over the outsourcing control of your entire system and allows you to fine-tune the computer for your tasks.

Already with the launch of the program Kerish Doctor begins to ask you about the mode in which you intend to use the computer. For example, the basic add-ins for an office PC or a home PC using the Internet will differ significantly — Kerish Doctor will disable unnecessary functions of the system, which will significantly increase the work of the office computer. Right in place Kerish Doctor will check the operation of all computer systems, clean it of excess garbage and even check your drivers for updates.

After that Kerish Doctor will work from the tray and perform its functions discreetly: somewhere to clean up the accumulated garbage, somewhere to check the working capacity of programs, and somewhere — to help the system to be optimized to launch a new game. In general, an extremely useful program.

Advanced System Care

A universal solution. We recommend downloading the application for weak PCs, because Advanced System Care can do wonders. In general, the application can do absolutely everything:

  • fine-tuning the operating system parameters based on the overall performance test;
  • search for malicious and simply malfunctioning software;
  • cleaning of garbage;
  • control the operation of the entire computer.

And all this is contained in this small program.

People with a weak computer will especially like the local button „Turbo“, which maximizes the optimization of all computer systems to solve the task assigned to it. For games, it’s just great.

Applications for optimizing PC games

Let’s move on to gaming utilities. These applications do not optimize the system as a whole, but work with its settings and game settings so that even on weak PCs, games and applications work much better.

Razer Cortex

The official application from the company Razer — a real gift for gamers. Absolutely free, but at the same time — extremely useful.

The main task of the application is to remove all unnecessary tasks from the computer at the time the game is started so that all the resources of your system are aimed at processing game tasks. It turns out perfectly, so Razer Cortex has long been a gaming hit.

Among other things, there’s a lot of useful in Razer Cortex — here and the possibility of manual optimization for each individual game, and monitor discounts in gaming stores, and even search for drivers. In short, an excellent application for speeding up games on a PC from a famous studio.

We recommend that you test the virtual reality using the free application VRMark Basic Edition

Game Fire Pro

A very smart application that works with you. Game Fire Pro analyzes the system and gives you a whole account of what can be done to speed up the games on the PC. Moreover, the application is not limited only to the tasks of the system, and therefore it can be recommended in the framework of the application for weak PCs. Game Fire Pro can increase the swap file, free RAM from other tasks and generally works perfectly with both the system and the hardware. But only — the application is paid.


WTFast is a great optimizer for online games, which does not work as you expect. Thanks to smart technologies, WTFast significantly speeds up your Internet connection using private global networks. Due to this, your game significantly reduces the ping and accelerates the response time for each action — often this can seriously increase your chances of a final victory in an online match.

Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster works just like other applications to optimize PC games, but it’s interesting because it creates real presets from computer settings, between which you can switch to solve different, not just gaming tasks. And as a whole — very convenient, regularly working and just useful application for games.


At one time, the application was the main „optimizer“ of games among competitors. Today this will not happen, but with its task the application handles perfectly — removing all unnecessary processes from the system tasks and leaving the game alone with iron.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner — a complex application for overclocking a PC and your Nvidia-graphics card. MSI created the most intuitive interface, than seriously simplified the task of the iron workshop, but we do not recommend overclocking without theoretical training.

Wps performance station

A new task manager, which, among other things, is self-taught. That’s why WPS Performance station will quickly understand the optimal system settings for any computer task and will learn how to speed up the work of your workstation smartly.

Interesting Facts

  • On many laptops, optimization applications can increase the frame rate by 30%.
  • The torrents contain Windows assemblies with already disabled system parameters, which slow down game processes.
  • Most of these applications become useless if you have an SSD.