Top 15 useful PC applications

June 6, 2018
Top 15 useful PC applications
Most often, we are thinking about useful applications for PC after we reinstall Windows. Let’s drop information about the drivers, because these are self-evident programs. Let’s go straight to the top 15 cool PC applications, which I would recommend for installation.

Punto Switcher

Punto Switcher is a small program is responsible for the automatic change of the keyboard layout. For example, if you have an English layout, and you need to type something in Russian, then with this application you do not need to constantly switch between languages. She does this automatically, understands what language you are currently writing and automatically changes the layout. In her work there may be failures, but very rarely.

Google Chrome browser

In order to download the necessary applications for the PC at a good speed, you need a better browser. After comparing with competitors, I preferred Google Chrome, because it has high speeds for loading pages and files. It also consumes less RAM than Mozilla Firefox and much less than Opera. It saves all our logins and passwords, and also, on the main page you can make a quick transition to your favorite sites.

Winrar archiver

In our time there are many archivers, but the most popular of them is Winrar. This program is used to unpack archives, compress files into archives and save space on your PC. It is good for its ease of use and unpretentiousness. Winrar is completely free.

Total Commander

This application, which allows you to interact with hard disks of your computer, folders and directories. In two windows, different directories are opened, between which file exchange occurs, creating folders and so on. In fact, Total Commander is a more advanced version of Windows Explorer.


This is the repository of all our information. There you can store scanned documents, as you can write any letter or text in it. People who often write something or store a lot of documents, use Evernote as a basic tool, without which they like without hands. It can be installed not only on the computer, but also on all your devices. With the help of synchronization, any information stored in it will be available to you wherever you are.

Player VLC Player and codec package K-Lite Codec Pack

One of the necessary applications for the PC is the free player VLC Player, which is responsible for playing all the video and audio files on your system. Immediately after this application, install a set of codecs K-Lite Codec Pack, and thus our player starts to recognize a huge number of video and audio file formats.

Sleep timer

A very simple application, the name of which speaks for itself. In cases where you need to move away from the computer during the execution of a task, you do not have to leave the PC turned on at night. It will be enough to set the necessary turn-off time and the application will do it for you. But do not forget that before shutting down the computer, the shutdown timer will close all applications that have been started. Therefore, be careful not to lose any unsaved data.

Interesting Facts

  • According to user estimates, the coolest application on the PC from browsers in 2018 is the Yandex.Browser.
  • Absolutely all applications for Windows 7 work the same way and in Windows 8.
  • The Internet has become the most popular place for acquaintances. Most of the now married couples met for the first time on the Internet.

PC Radio

Surely everyone had to be in a situation where the playlist is listened to the holes and you want something new. This will help you one of the best free PC applications — PC Radio. You can listen to it even at low Internet speeds and choose any station for your taste. The list of stations is huge and constantly updated automatically.


Lightshot is a very simple program for creating desktop images. After you select the desired form of the screen, all the features of the application appear. You can edit the picture in an online editor, and in turn, it has all the capabilities of a full-fledged visual editor. It allows you to superimpose various effects on a picture, arrows, draw with a brush or pencil. You can even impose various effects with filters. The screenshot is sent immediately to print or stored on a PC.


Top applications for the PC continues uTorrent. This is the most popular application in the world for downloading torrents. The program is unpretentious to the initial configuration. In order to start downloading the desired files from the tracker — just click on the torrent file and select the directory where you want to save the downloaded file. At the end of the download, the application will notify you through a pop-up window.

Uninstall Tool

This is a very fast, safe and extremely convenient tool for removing unnecessary applications and unnecessary system components. Using the proprietary technology of Uninstall Wizard, the removal of unnecessary applications is done thoroughly and completely. Uninstall Tool does not leave any traces in the system registry, unnecessary files and folders, which in the future can cause the operating system to hang.

Razer Game Booster

This is a very useful PC application that optimizes its performance. New games often make your computer run at its limit, and Razer Game Booster is designed to ease its worries. The program temporarily turns off unnecessary services, processes, suspend Windows updates and clear the clipboard. This in the end can give a significant increase in performance in games.

Driver Booster

You probably know that there are a lot of drivers in your system. But only to monitor their constant updates is very problematic. To do this, there is a necessary application for the PC — Driver Booster. It is very easy to use it, the user only needs to install it on his computer and run an automatic system analysis. The application will automatically find the latest versions of the obsolete drivers.

Smart Defrag

This is a very useful application for defragmenting hard disks, which reduces the chances of braking, hanging up and crashing the system. The application defragments the files and evenly distributes them on the hard disk, taking into account the frequency of use, reduces access time and improves overall system performance. Smart Defrag works quickly and imperceptibly, automatically performing all its functions in the background.


It often happens that we mistakenly delete the files we need: documents, family photos, videos. With the help of cool application for PC Recuva, you can quickly restore deleted files and it does not matter where they were stored. The program can work with virtually any storage media, memory cards, external disks and other storage devices. Recuva helps you recover files from damaged and formatted disks, as well as unsaved Word documents.