Top Android emulators for Windows

June 6, 2018
Top Android emulators for Windows
Android-emulators unexpectedly became widespread in the masses — and not always in a professional environment. As it turned out, users are pleased to use the capabilities of the mobile environment, even from their computer, but often all this is necessary only for the convenience of passing mobile games. Where there is demand, there is an offer, so today there are many excellent programs on the market for launching android applications on the PC. In this article, we will analyze the best of them.

Bluestacks — all at once

At one time Bluestacks was the first program for Android applications on the PC at all. It was then that Bluestacks gained its popularity, which further promoted the development of the service. And if in the first couple of developers improved the quality of emulation, then in version 2.0, they went over to reorganizing the whole work of the application.

Today Bluestacks is a true media service for Android applications for PC. There is a convenient store, a cool interface, a bunch of different settings, libraries, databases and other useful bells and whistles for the user.

There are no problems with the emulation itself — Bluestacks produces a high-quality, optimized picture and, moreover, allows you to make many settings — from graphic to interface.

Bluestacks is also able to fully emulate the smartphone — there are also functions of gyro, shaking, GPS and other important mobile solutions. A separate plus — the basic version of the application is downloaded for free from the developer’s site.

Nox App Player — coolness in simplicity

Nox App Player, perhaps the most accessible application for mobile games on the PC. This is primarily due to the interface. Launch the Nox and see the absolutely Android screen right on the computer. Everything else is done intuitively — without any add-ons or additional screens. Conveniently, the applications in the Nox immediately «stretch» to the desired size, because of which you can not see the protruding interface.
However, as an application for games from the phone on the PC, the Nox APP Player fits worse than many others. Simply because the coolness of the interface is not the best emulator. Game applications can slow down, produce poor graphics quality and generally work less smoothly than you would like. Therefore, it is most convenient to use Nox as an emulator for simple working applications — with the same Instagram it copes perfectly.

For advanced users, Nox has a built-in function to enable Root rights. If you are afraid to dig into the settings of your smartphone, you can always try it on Nox — especially since the application supports all modern versions of Android.

Genymotion — emulator for developers

Android developers do not care about how to launch an android application on a PC. They are concerned with the question «how to run the android application on the PC so as to test immediately on a dozen devices.» And here comes to the rescue Genymotion — the most complex android-emulator for mobile developers.

Genymotion looks like a real desktop developer. You can break the interface of the smartphone into several parts and make them on different parts of the monitor for convenience, you can switch between different versions of Android and dozens of models of smartphones — from top flagships to old budget versions. All this is necessary in order to «drive» the work of your new application in different conditions and to understand what bugs are present in which versions.

Genymotion is really handy — lots of settings, Root-rights, simulating all the standard Android functions — all of this is extremely useful for the development team. However, the requirements for Genymotion are very decent — and when you use the functionality of the application, you will most likely have to pay.

Usual user Genymotion will not work — it is too difficult application in operation, and emulation of games here does not look the best. But for developers this is practically the main product — there are simply no analogues in Genymotion on the market.

We recommend downloading the similar emulator Andy

MEMU — for gamers

MEMU initially positioned only as an application to run Android-games on the PC. That’s why everything is done for the gamer: a convenient simple interface, and the ability to customize the parameters of graphics and controls, and the ability to connect almost any known gamepad.
Another interesting feature of MEMU is its «air» connection with your smartphone. With the help of a special cloud, you can transfer saveings or, for example, APK files for quick installation of applications on MEMU — very convenient, because you do not have to climb for a long time in the pages of the application or browser.

Very pleased and the process of emulation. Feelings, MEMU shows the best results on FPS in mobile games, stably copes even with the «heaviest» of their representatives. In addition, you can always lower the graphics settings for convenience. The authors sometimes even flatter themselves, suggesting, for example, to deploy games to the full screen — and if the smoothness does not suffer, then the quality of the image, of course, substantially sags due to «stretching» into an inconvenient format.

But with what the application problems — so it’s with the timeliness of updates. Even Android 7.0 on MEMU appeared much later than the main competitors, so far you can not even think about the eighth version of the firmware. Potentially because of this, there may be problems with the launch of new games, because some hits are released only for the latest versions of the system.

But in general, it is MEMU that shows the master class of how to play Android applications on a PC via an emulator — and that’s what we recommend for running powerful applications.

Interesting Facts

  • Windows 10 contains a built-in Android-emulator for applications from its own Windows Store.
  • Almost all Android-emulators exist on both MacOS and Linux.
  • In fact, it’s not so convenient to play Android games on a PC. As practice shows, in a clash between a mobile gamer and a pc player, the one who plays from the smartphone most often wins.