Top 5 best utilities for cleaning your computer

June 13, 2018
Top 5 best utilities for cleaning your computer
Outdated and long unused registry entries, partially disabled system services, corrupted logs with important records, broken and lost shortcuts, and hundreds of megabytes of residual files that have accumulated in the Trash basket and folders in the main directories of drive C and in the section with downloadable Windows updates — it is difficult to imagine a computer capable of avoiding all the time problems associated with an ending free space, deteriorating speed and broken logistics of folders and libraries.

There is always a vulnerability that can break years of the ideal operating system in just a few seconds. And, as a rule, the main problem of any PC is laziness, coming from users. Someone does not uncheck the installation of applications and downloads additional browsers, antiviruses and video viewing tools. Some do not worry about security and drag thousands of unnecessary files into the system. Others neglect the importance of correct uninstallation. Sooner or later the computer will need help from outside — and it’s not about the service center, but about special utilities for cleaning, working in automatic mode. Just a few to diagnose the entire operating system and the matter will immediately move from the dead point — the global struggle for the purity of hard disks and the speed of all system capabilities will begin.

The first computer help — utilities for cleaning up garbage

Compose a full list of all the tools that can automatically blow off a speck of dust from the PC, it’s impossible — there are too many options available on the network. Therefore, it is necessary to stop attention only on some variants:

Advanced System Care Free is probably the main contender for the title of the best «utility for cleaning your computer», and for several reasons: there is a huge amount of various technologies for optimizing your PC (faster RAM and a second squeezes out unnecessary and unused, a step-by-step amplification of the network signal is made, if necessary, a special game mode is started, which allows to control the priorities of other services and programs working in the system). And a menu for working with hard disks (search for duplicates and empty files, correct cleaning of directories, the ability to defragment and service data processing) and a special section for changing the registry, and a special Driver Booster, in just a few seconds able to find tools for updating hard drives , memory controllers and other hardware parts of the computer.

The listed functional kit is not impressive? And how about the automatic procedure for speeding up the PC several times a week in the background (quick registry fix, malicious software search, RAM acceleration, optimization)? Or, perhaps, I wanted to conduct point defense of the system? Any whim with the Advanced System Care PC cleaning tool is executed in the same second — it is only necessary to find the correct section with possible actions.

By the way, the developers especially for beginners made a small, but quite detailed instruction, but at the same time translated the interface into most languages and took care of all sorts of tips when navigating through the menu. To miss the button and not achieve the desired effect when cleaning is impossible even with a strong desire!

CCleaner — a regular on ratings of utilities for cleaning your computer, repeatedly awarded prizes and awards for useful service to users from all over the world. Of the advantages of the tool — the clarity. The interface consists of only four partitions, where it is allowed to interact with system files (run automatic hard disk checking for garbage, unnecessary documents, cache and files that have accumulated in the trash), registry (editing records, deleting unnecessary ones), service (restoring shortcuts, fixing problem paths when installing programs) and settings. The last section is responsible for the installation of special automatic modes of verification and monitoring, allows you to change the language and download themes for the main interface.

And all — no intricate sections, incomprehensible menus and complex operations that make hours to understand instructions, change something and edit. True, and rely on additional functionality in this case, too, is not necessary — no drivers, antivirus solutions in the spirit of Kaspersky and Avast and ad blockers — all other operations will have to be done manually!

Glary Utilities — a beautiful, accessible in Russian language and brought to a technical perfection system tool, coping with any problems that arise when working with Windows. In just a few seconds, the automatic «parser» will find malicious and fraudulent software, fix all shortcuts, help you deal with updates, encryption of documents, defragmentation and making changes to the driver manager.

The entire functional set of developers competently divided into several parts, open to all comers immediately, but designed for different audiences. For beginners, for example, it is worthwhile to master the module «In 1 click» — where necessary corrections are made without unnecessary actions — instant analysis of disks, directories and files, visual clues, a quick transition from words to deeds. It’s better for professionals to focus on the settings, where a special editor is available with a huge number of parameters. They even allow a kind of «alarm clock» for a quick «PC repair» to be installed as an additional reminder!

WinUtilities is a properly organized system assistant, divided into several parts, like competitors, and allocated primarily by the special technology «Info», where important information about the hardware and software of any PC is concentrated. It is here that it is easy to subtract which motherboard is selected, which processor is responsible for performance and where various commands are executed. In addition to such data, a special panel is opened for quick interaction with passwords — you can store, transfer, edit and add to the archive data for authorization on various network resources. From now on, the head does not have to keep hundreds of combinations, and even worry about the information stored in the browser (a very vulnerable place), too.

The rest of the functions are very standard — again the registry, again the hard drives, the already predictable monitoring of RAM.

Wise Care 365 is a friendly and purpose-built utility for cleaning PCs that solves security problems, accumulated documents, directories and files and accessible to third parties computer history. Developers came up with a special algorithm, albeit not ideal, but hiding the bulk of the user’s actions. So visited sites are not stored in history, interaction with documents remains a secret, and all logins and passwords are completely hidden behind several locks of high-tech encryption.

Such vast opportunities seem superfluous? It does not matter — the main functional is focused on fairly standard things.

The above programs are not the only contenders for getting into TOP 5 best assistants — there is a whole regiment of competitors on the network. But, if you choose according to the functional balance, then the list is not editable!