Windows Cleanup Utilities

June 13, 2018
Windows Cleanup Utilities
Manually sorting out the residual files that have accumulated in the system, fixing all entries in the registry, correcting shortcuts and increasing the overall OS performance without the necessary knowledge and necessary experience is very problematic — the process is too much stretched (again — every unnecessary catalog and document is found in all folders on hard disks even professional can not!), have to spend hours hours in sections with accessible services and carefully study each active function. Sooner or later, even beginners will be able to get to the truth, but do we really need such sacrifices? Is not it easier to turn to special tools that can automate the process of cleaning Windows, and at the same time increase the chances of an unconditional victory over the accumulated trash and problem locations of the operating system? Sounds tempting? So, it’s time to choose!

Best Windows Cleanup Utilities

The list of ideal assistants looks like this (and nothing else!):

Advanced SystemCare is by far the best choice for beginners taking the first steps towards improving the overall quality of interaction with the personal computer, and for professionals who have decided to configure the scheduler to automatically search for and remove malicious software, load drivers and organize the proper operation of system services.

The functionality of the utility for cleaning Windows 10 from the developers of IObit is really impressive — and therefore the interface is divided into several parts. Firstly, the «Cleanup and Optimization» mode is available (everything is automated — you just need to check the actions that the potential user can not do without — for example, registry defragmentation, file cleaning, label repair) and a special «Acceleration» menu, where The turbo mode that slows down the background processes and gives the highest priority to the running applications is activated.

Secondly, there is a section for point adjustment of preventive works and a panel with additional tools, where drivers are downloaded, the Internet accelerates and duplicates are searched for, large and often unused files.

The main feature of Advanced SystemCare is a competent tool for step-by-step uninstallation of programs and applications. The way of interaction with such a system is no different from a standard Windows assistant — the same list of installed software, the same buttons, the same need to click on «Next» and accept agreements. But it is in ADC the result of the work done can surprise. There never remains superfluous files, the registry is corrected automatically, and unnecessary services are turned off on demand. As a result, even with a strong employment, the operating system always works as a mechanism for a Swiss watch.

CCleaner — a free utility for cleaning the registry and hard drives, editing shortcuts and global uninstallation of all unnecessary and long unused. Developers correctly worked out a system of tips that allow at least temporarily, but to turn from Plyushkin, years of carefully saving everything that comes to hand, into the fearless ruler of the Windows operating system, which is able to part with garbage and start life from scratch. The system of prompts works as follows: immediately after the analysis of the PC, the statistics of launches of various applications, the date of the last access to files and folders are displayed. In the end, to understand the catalogs, applications and documents that are not so scary for more than a year, right?

Additional plus CCleaner — the ability to clean up recent activities in the browser and the system as a whole. The cache is cleaned, the history of requests, downloads, and quick-fill profiles is deleted, and the «Recent» sections on the computer will remain empty. No longer have to worry about the loss of confidential data — everything is under a strong lock of modern technology!

Clean Master — a non-standard utility for cleaning Windows, focused, for the most part, not on the current implementation of various options for cleaning the registry and hard drives, but on long-term prospects and preventive work. First, the tool offers you to immediately choose which way to use your computer needs to be adjusted. If you select «Speed», then immediately disappears interesting animation when interacting with folders and documents, the taskbar will become one-color, and any manifestations of modern technologies will disappear, as if they did not exist. It is worth choosing «Beauty» and everything will change — the performance will decrease, but it will be really interesting to watch the processes that are happening!

Secondly, you can immediately subscribe to various automatic works that will be carried out even without user intervention on a certain schedule several times a week. This is how all garbage will disappear, there will be fewer problems with optimization and unnecessary entries in the registry (there will be more RAM, the system will spend several times less time processing various requests!).

AVG PC TuneUp — a modern, completely free and truly comprehensive tool for cleaning Windows, designed for interaction with stationary computers (a common set of technologies and activities, no different from those offered by competitors above) and with laptops. The main feature of the utility is the ability to customize the method of power consumption and sufficiently greatly extend the life of the portable device when working not from the outlet. And although such a function to save energy is built into the operating system, it is AVG idea that is realized in full. Developers propose to choose from what things the user can refuse at the moment and, thus, focus on more important things.

From additional advantages — the original approach to cleaning the cache, accumulating in messengers, applications, browsers and other programs that leave some important system information in various directories. A few seconds to find unnecessary records and you can safely send all the extra to the trash.

Nero TuneItUp — is no longer a beginner of the genre of «utilities for cleaning Windows», but still a good option for those who did not like the applicants described above. The functional is already familiar — from surprises only an unusual approach to interacting with practically perfect computers (from the point of view of optimization and «cleanliness»). The registry is not correct, the shortcuts are already in place and found executable files, and there is no debris in the trash, or in the Temp folders. So what will surprise Nero? Of course, updating the drivers, increasing the speed of the Internet, and accelerating the RAM (the result is really impressive — unnecessary services and unnecessary processes are unloaded for one click, not related to the current session).

It’s pointless to deal with problems manually-there are always ideal helpers on the network that can cope with any tasks in the automatic mode. It is only necessary to spend a little time searching and determine the choice.