Computer Optimization Tools

June 13, 2018
Computer Optimization Tools
Starting PC performance is deteriorating every day? Tabs in the browser open with a delay, your favorite YouTube creaks even when playing clips in Full HD? Are there any problems with FPS? RAM is running at extreme speeds, but no adequate processes are running? It seems the time has come to pay attention to how the Windows operating system has changed over time. It's worth looking in the basket, correcting the registry, disabling unnecessary services, checking the missing drivers for the motherboard, processor and video card, and at the same time - finding and neutralizing any malicious software. Deal with the listed problems is not obtained due to lack of knowledge and free time? No problem - in the world for a long time there were free utilities to optimize your computer. Just trust the professional assistant and all problems will disappear in a few minutes. The only problem here is to choose the same helper.

TOP 5 best tools for optimization

The list of "tools" for cleaning and accelerating PCs consists primarily of original system "combines" that are equally easy to find garbage on hard disks and save Windows from viruses, spies and other problems that arise from improper (but rather too superficial, short-term) operation . In a network of such "combines" for a hundred, but only in the list of TOP 5 selected real legends of the "genre":

Advanced SystemCare - the main and unconditionally the only representative of the family of "utilities for cleaning and optimization", devoid of any conceivable drawbacks. Everywhere only the advantages - and free distribution, and a full translation into Russian, and a visual interface, directing all available menus and pop-up sections, and a huge number of system capabilities, designed for both beginners and professionals.

So, for example, everyone can spend an instantaneous surface cleaning and get a full (albeit imperfect) increase in the system's efficiency. Instantly the extra directories and folders will disappear, unnecessary entries will disappear in the registry, shortcuts will somehow find the right path to the executable files, and malicious software is immediately removed from the occupied places.

The enumerated actions are enough for a sequential resurrection of the operating system that did not survive the interaction with the ever-hurried users, but you can go even further and - download the drivers for all hardware parts of the PC, defragment, enable the turbo mode, speed up the OS load and increase the speed, and even configure how the operating system looks. Here and new topics, and additional fonts, and disabled animation (all for the benefit!) Collapsing folders.

Glary Utilities - a curious complex solution, analyzing the system for any problems and temporary difficulties and automatically making the necessary changes. Basically, the registry is edited (the records are restored, the extra ones are cleaned up, the necessary defragmentation is performed, the opportunity to once and for all get rid of the long-running unused system services that slow the operation of the OS), corrects the way the disk space is implemented (Windows updates shrink, garbage is removed, duplicates are carefully searched for , and then, if necessary, also sent to the trash), the necessary backup is performed.

From the shortcomings of such a profile solution - too confusing task planner, which, for unknown reasons, resets the schedule, and sometimes does not follow the long-preserved algorithms. Perhaps, the situation will be corrected by the developers.

SlimCleaner is an uncomplicated utility for optimizing a PC focused on just two important, and constantly conducted operations. Garbage cleaning (the analysis is carried out as complex as possible - according to the developers, not a single file is left undetected, moreover, folders, directories and documents can be permanently deleted - no service tool can recover information from a carefully cleaned hard disk) and, in fact, optimization. The last point is expressed first and foremost by the correct organization of the work of system services and the total adjustment of the priorities of various programs. Those things that are always on the "background", so there and remain. The computer is to focus on more important things.

AVG PC TuneUp - Stably supported by developers tool for returning the Windows operating system to life. Russian language is available. The method of distribution is available to all comers for free. Functionality is impressive, although not very different from competitors. From real advantages - competently implemented approach to training beginners. The intuitive interface helps to understand the menu and the main features (each button is signed!), A comprehensive instruction fully describes the available optimization methods, and a special section for communicating with developers allows also to share interesting ideas.

If you look for additional benefits, then, perhaps, it is worth noting the presence of several energy-saving modes, which allow to increase the service life of each laptop (netbook or tablet on Windows!) While not working on the network. There are several profiles available at once - average energy saving (you do not have to sacrifice even small features), strong and maximum (brightness zero, notifications are turned off, but you can work and communicate!).

Auslogics BoostSpeed is a competently implemented PC optimization tool, mainly focused on automatic mechanisms for accelerating the system. Immediately after the first runaway cleaning of the system, you should count on quite serious results - as the developers suggest, you can return the operating system to a previous view in just a few steps and immediately get rid of a huge number of problems.

Without a menu for a full-fledged configuration of features, too, there was not - in the bins of the utility parameters are stored for every occasion of life...

In the list, at least, you can add more CCleaner, Clean Master, Wise Care 365 and Nero TuneItUp - but too few unexpected features and interesting functional solutions are offered by developers. And because the list above is almost inviolable!