iTunes — digital media player used to play and organize audio and video files.

The player provides very good sound, convenient interface and the ability to copy songs to the memory of portable devices from Apple.

ITunes, in addition to playing songs, provides the ability to create «intelligent» playlists, which are formed based on user preferences.

ITunes allows you to connect with the music database, communicate with the iPod handheld computer, and also can record ordinary audio discs that can be played on both Mac and PC computers, as well as in a CD player.

ITunes Features for Windows

  • Navigating through the multimedia library.
  • Presentation of data in different types of display.
  • Lettering search. Editing metadata of songs («author», «performer», «cover», etc.).
  • Record and import tracks from CD discs.
  • Songs from CDs can be saved in MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV formats.
  • Organization of a multimedia library, creation of playlists. The technology for creating Genius playlists (when selecting a track the program will offer suitable compositions from the Internet).
  • Buying songs on the Internet.
  • Play music, movies, podcasts, multi-band equalizer, visualizer, mini-player mode.
  • Synchronization with iPod, iPhone and Apple TV.

Screenshots iTunes

  • iTunes - Screenshot №1
  • iTunes - Screenshot №2
  • iTunes - Screenshot №3
  • iTunes - Screenshot №4
Windows 10, 8, 7
May 30, 2018

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Reviews of iTunes

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After having been downloaded and installed upon my iPhone, the iTunes media player didn’t start conflicting with any of my iPhone programs, neither did it ask for any passwords to work on the Internet (as it often occurs with other similar programs). Thus, I’m much pleased with this media player, its functioning is in full line with its parameters promised in its technical description, with no cheating! Great!