Blender - free, professional package for creating 3D computer graphics.

Blender is currently the most popular among free 3D editors. The utility functions are quite enough for work, both for ordinary users and for professionals.

Blender has all the basic tools that are used in professional 3D editors. In a relatively small volume, a full-featured editor with all the main functions and a set of textures, models and event handlers is placed. Additional features in the program are realized through the connection of plug-ins - both official, created by the authors of the editor, and developed by users.

Blender Features

  • Support for a variety of geometric primitives.
  • Universal built-in mechanisms YafRay, LuxRender.
  • Basic functions of nonlinear editing and video combining.
  • Animation tools, including inverse kinematics, skeletal animation and grid deformation, keyframe animation, nonlinear animation, editing vertex weighting factors, limiters, soft-body dynamics, solid dynamics, particle-based hair systems and collision-assisted particle systems.
  • Provides interactive functions such as collision detection, dynamics engine and programmable logic, it also allows you to create separate real-time applications, ranging from architectural visualization to video games.
  • Used as a tool for creating tools and prototypes, a system of logic in games, as a means of importing and exporting files, automating tasks.

Free Download Blender for Windows 7/10 from the official site.

Windows 10/8/7

Blender Free Download