mp3DirectCut — small MP3 file editor that allows you to crop or copy parts of files.

The utility allows you to save received files without losing quality. Easy to use program will allow users to perform manipulations without any difficulties.

mp3DirectCut allows you to trim the silence at the beginning and / or end of the file, normalize the sound, and also smoothly remove it at the end of the song, merge files, edit ID3 tags and burn Mp3 directly to disk. The interface is multilingual.

mp3DirectCut Features for Windows

  • Secure copying, insertion and deletion of fragments.
  • Change, normalize, attenuate volume and edit pauses.
  • Write mp3 using the ACM or Lame encoding mechanisms.
  • Splitting a track by file name.
  • High-speed recording.
  • Support for Layer 2 (dvd / dvb audio).
  • Support for the command line.
  • Supports Unicode and command line.
  • Easy program that does not require a large system resource.
Windows 10/8/7/XP
Martin Pesch
January 19, 2018

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