BitTorrent — program for sharing large files from the file-sharing network BitTorrent.

With this program you can download movies, games, CD and DVD images of disks, etc.

A distinctive feature of BitTorrent is the very high speed of file download. This is achieved due to the original way of issuing the file from several computers at once. And this is achieved even in the case when the whole file is not yet on them.

In addition to the pluses of this program there are disadvantages. So the download begins after clicking on the so-called torrent-file (specialized link), which contains all information about the downloaded file. Such links can be found on special sites-directories of the network BitTorrent. There is no file search system here.

Features of BitTorrent for Windows

  • Dynamic bandwidth management of network channels. Does not interfere with the operation of other programs connected to the Internet.
  • Parallel downloads of multiple files.
  • Minimum of settings.
  • Detailed information about media files ensures the safety of downloads.
  • Search for identical files to speed up the download.
  • Ability to create and distribute their torrent files.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Free unlimited downloads.
  • High download speed.
  • Built-in module to increase productivity.
  • Remote control of downloading files.
Windows 10/8/7
7.10.3 Build 44397
April 21, 2018

BitTorrent Free Download

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