Vuze - program for sharing files on the network BitTorrent offers many opportunities.

Among the main advantages of the client are support for multi-boot, queue and priority system, start and resume options for sitting, as well as providing a lot of useful information about torrents. Especially Vuze is suitable for downloading large files.

The Vuze interface is quite simple and clear, both for beginners and advanced users, despite the large number of various functions and settings.

Features of Vuze

  • Determination of speed limits for downloading, both for one stream, and for all at the same time.
  • Advanced selection rules.
  • Configuring the disk cache.
  • Use one port for all torrents.
  • Ability to work through a proxy server. Protocol encryption.
  • Possibility to use proxy for tracker and communication.
  • Rapid recovery of interrupted downloads.
  • Support for traffic encryption to circumvent the protection of providers, which blocks all activities of P2P networks.
  • Ability to run multiple copies in parallel to fully download the channel.
  • Customizable, multilingual interface.
  • IRC plug-in for quick help.
  • Web seeding technology (HTTP / FTP Seeding for BitTorrent).
  • Support for links to P2P content, the so-called magnet links.
  • Support for IPv6.
  • Unicode support.
  • Powerful system for organizing access to files.
  • Numerous plugins designed to greatly facilitate the individual configuration of the program.

Free Download Vuze for Windows 7/10 from the official site.

Windows 10/8/7/XP
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