Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner - program for detecting and accessing all computers on the network.

Advanced IP Scanner is able to instantly detect all computers on the network, gaining access to their potential capabilities. Start the remote computer and turn it off, connect to the Radmin program, perform remote access or access to the resources found, a quick start that does not require installation is performed after a single mouse click. These unique features of the program are obvious and effective, because they allow you to perform the above actions in a matter of minutes.

Advanced IP Scanner has a user-friendly interface and is multifunctional. The process of multi-threaded scanning of the program provides for a few seconds to scan up to one hundred or more computers belonging to class B and C. Even a slow modem connection does not interfere with the above actions.

Advanced IP Scanner Features

  • Allows you to remotely control the computer.
  • The utility does not require installation, it has a simple interface.
  • Provides access to folders and FTP-servers.
  • Specifies the MAC address.
  • Function of exporting data to CSV.
  • Provides remote access via RDP and Radmin.

Free Download Advanced IP Scanner for Windows 7/10 from the official site.

Windows 10/8/7/XP
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