Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox — one of the most popular browsers with flexible settings and a collection of extensions.
Tor Browser Tor Browser — free package for anonymous Internet surfing, by routing and encrypting traffic.
Safari Safari — browser that has a full set of functions for comfortable work on the Internet.
Opera Opera — convenient and feature-rich browser from Norwegian developers with the Chromium engine.
Google Chrome Google Chrome — fast, free and one of the most popular browsers to date.
Яндекс.Браузер Яндекс.Браузер — the fastest, safest and very convenient browser made based on Chromium.
Maxthon Maxthon — browser with a lot of very useful features, including the function Super Drag & Drop.
Chromium Chromium — safe and very easy to use open source browser.
Avant Browser Avant Browser — browser built using MDI technology based on the old IE.
SeaMonkey SeaMonkey — package of communication programs, which includes a web browser and HTML-editor.
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer — free browser from Microsoft, which is widely used by individuals and commercial organizations.
Slimjet Slimjet — new generation product developed on the foundation of the open source project Chromium.
Cyberfox Cyberfox — modification of the free browser Mozilla Firefox with the modified interface.
Vivaldi Vivaldi — free Internet browser, created by developers from the corporation Vivaldi Technologies.
Sleipnir Sleipnir — Japanese web browser that provides the user with flexible customization options.