Desktop Enhancements

BlueStacks - program that allows you to easily launch Android applications on PCs, laptops and netbooks.
ArtMoney SEArtMoney SE 8.01.3
ArtMoney SE - free editor (cracker) suitable for a variety of games on the PC.
AndyAndy 46.16 Revision 66
Andy - program that is an Android emulator for running games and applications on ordinary PCs.
NVDANVDA 2018.2.1
NVDA - complex, freely distributed tool that interprets text on the screen of a personal computer.
360 Document protector360 Document protector
360 Document protector - program that helps you cope with the problem of abductions of some valuable personal information.
1Clipboard1Clipboard 0.1.8
1Clipboard - utility that greatly extends the ability to work with text and graphics objects.
EllpEllp 1.5.1 Build 1611
Ellp - utility designed to automate certain processes in a Windows-based computer.