Messaging and Chat

RaidCallRaidCall 8.2.0
RaidCall - utility for communication groups, is used to participate in games with many users.
ICQICQ 10.0.12341
ICQ - popular messenger for text messaging and audio / video calls.
Skype - free program that allows you to make phone calls directly from your computer.
WhatsAppWhatsApp 0.3.416
WhatsApp - chat client that can be used on a Windows computer.
Mozilla ThunderbirdMozilla Thunderbird 52.8.0
Mozilla Thunderbird - powerful mail client for efficient work with e-mail.
Viber - free utility for Windows that allows you to make voice and video calls.
Miranda IMMiranda IM
Miranda IM - compact program for online communication, which includes reading messages by voice.
TeamSpeakTeamSpeak 3.1.9
TeamSpeak - utility that works on VoIP technology, allowing you to perform voice communication.
Telegram DesktopTelegram Desktop 1.3.10
Telegram Desktop - program designed for Windows, giving the opportunity to communicate at a distance.