Family Simulator

Family Simulator

Family Simulator is a real mom simulator that consists of various daily life tasks for single moms.

Get a chance to play in your dream house. This will be a second life for you, in which you can become a mother and feel the real life of a mother. Have fun with Family Simulator which includes mum’s day to day chores like cooking and preparing breakfast, house cleaning, wake kids up for school and more.

Appreciate the lifestyle of a working mom. If you want to win this competition, you need to do daily chores and household chores like shopping, cooking, and getting your son ready for school. Now it’s time to play as multiple characters in this fun family simulation game.

Be part of a real family luxury life. Multiple role playing scenes like mom simulator, dad simulator, mom and baby simulator perform different duties of amazing family virtual dad. Now play as a family guy in this twin game. Roam freely in this true family luxury home.

We won’t let you miss out on Baby’s life. You will also play as a child. Who follows their real life routine, like getting up in the morning, brushing their teeth, washing their face, and eating breakfast. This free kids game doesn’t stop there. You will also go to school as a boy in virtual kids games.

How to play Family Simulator

  • Use left or right button to move Use your palm to grab items.
  • See the map to know your goals.
  • This is a mother game, a father game, a son game, a daughter game, a child game, and a child game because you will also be playing as these characters.

Family Simulator game features

  • Unlock multiple roles in the family home.
  • The dream dad acts as a father.
  • Play like a child with school days.
  • Realistic 3D environment and big family home to experience the life of dad, mom, baby and baby.
  • Smooth and proactive controls for all family characters.
  • Daily chores and tasks.

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