Idle League: Rise of Gods

Idle League: Rise of Gods

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  • Idle League: Rise of Gods
  • Idle League: Rise of Gods
  • Idle League: Rise of Gods
  • Idle League: Rise of Gods
  • Idle League: Rise of Gods


Simple description: A Nordic saga that you can experience any time, anywhere!
Summary: Enjoy a fun card game RPG based on Norse mythology, and claim your place among the gods!


★Build your own squad of legendary heroes★
Zeus, Apollo, Athena…the 6 factions each feature well-known mythological heroes, presented with a brand-new style and in-game lore. Hero rapport, race advantage, formations and soldier retinues give you countless options for collecting, training and playing with your heroes!

★Simple and fun gameplay★
Enjoy fun and simple gameplay free from complicated mechanics, with hero skills cast automatically, and the ability to earn Gold, EXP and gear while offline. It’s a game, not a job!

★Challenging rogue-like mechanics★
Say goodbye to boring, repetitive stages. Experience Assembly that integrate rogue-like elements, and the highly strategic gameplay of Hallway of Memories. Every decision matters, determining whether you return rich and famous – or never return.

★No resources? No problem!★
Hall of Resonance gives you a brand new way to improve your heroes. Focus on improving 6 heroes and have your other heroes inherit their Power. Never start from scratch; jump into the fray, and join the gods in the battle for the multiverse! Innovative gathering and training mechanics deliver a brand new experience with each level and rank gained.

★Compete against players around the world★
The more the merrier! Challenge other adventurers from around the world in the Arena, and climb the rankings for rewards and bragging rights!

Join the ranks of the gods!

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  • Licence Gratuit
  • Nécessite Android 4.4 ou version ultérieure
  • Catégorie Jeux de rôles
  • Développeur CHANGYOU.COM
  • Classification du contenu 12+