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I’m here!

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The application « I’m here! » From StarLine – and your loved ones will always be near you,
now no one is lost and no one will lose patience!
« I’m here! » Is installed on the smartphone of a child, an elderly person or your loved one. Turns the phone into a pocket tracking beacon and indicates the location of your loved ones at any time.

The location will be available to you on the www.starline-online.ru or in the StarLine mobile application. The service is free. Registration is required.

– Allows you to share your location by e-mail, SMS, social networks.
– The « SOS » button in an emergency instantly sends a message in the form of SMS or push-notification.
– One-touch call to a pre-configured phone number (configured on starline-online.ru).
– Shows the location on the map on the smartphone screen and determines the address.

For an observer, for example a parent of a child:
– Continuous application work in the background, without the need to manually start the application.
– Flexible configuration of the application on a schedule: the ability to specify the days of the week and the time of start and stop monitoring.
– Ability to control the crossing of the child by the borders of geozones. Geozones are set up in a personal account on starline-online.ru. Mark the territory on the map (for example, your child’s way home from school), and get a notice if your child crosses its boundaries.
– The alarm button « SOS ». The type of channel for notifications and contacts for sending are also configured on starline-online.ru.

Warning: the application is running in the background. Continued use of geolocation services in the background entails an accelerated discharge of the battery.

We are always happy to answer your questions. The StarLine team is on hand for 24 hours. Federal Technical Support Service:
Russia: 8-800-333-80-30
Ukraine: 0-800-502-308
Kazakhstan: 8-800-070-80-30
Belarus: 8-10-8000-333-80-30

StarLine LLC reserves the right to unilaterally improve the design and functionality of the mobile application interfaces.
StarLine: Security of your family!

Vous pouvez télécharger I’m here! gratuit pour Android. Veadug.com - portail international multiplateforme de jeux et applications mobiles. Télécharger I’m here! gratuit du développeur StarLine LLC et utilisez-la avec plaisir.

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  • Licence Gratuit
  • Nécessite Android 4.1 ou version ultérieure
  • Catégorie Voyages et infos locales
  • Développeur StarLine LLC
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