Immoral Clocks Widget

Immoral Clocks Widget
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  • Immoral Clocks Widget
  • Immoral Clocks Widget
  • Immoral Clocks Widget
  • Immoral Clocks Widget
  • Immoral Clocks Widget


Immoral clocks widget for the home screen (also it can be placed on the lock screen on phones with compatible Android version 4.2+ but it’s gone on 5.0). We hope you will like this mad clock. Available talking clock.

Suitable for tablets and phones.

Various customizations are available:
– digital clock like a « 4:55 AM »
– time by words like a « five f**king minutes to five am »
– display current date and day of week
– display current day time
– change mode happy/sad with one click on widget and « f**king minutes » changes to the « happy minutes ». Use it with your current mood
– talking clock (Works if the appropriate syntether is installed only. Commonly Google’s syntether is available and it’s working fine)
– language switching from settings screen: English/Russian and Spanish (limited support)
– customizable colors for background and text
– ability to change widget transparency
– ability to skip immoral words
– auto word change every minute
– font customization
– manual scale text size to avoid problem with fit in widget on some devices

PLEASE NOTE: this application is a widget, add it to the screen from the Widgets collection

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  • Licence Payant
  • Nécessite Android 4.0.3 ou version ultérieure
  • Catégorie Personnalisation
  • Développeur
  • Classification du contenu 16+