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Yandex.Disk Beta is an app for people who want to be among the first to learn about new Yandex.Disk
features and impact the service’s development.
In the beta version, you can:
– Try new products before they’re released to millions of Yandex.Disk users.
– Rate and give feedback on new features and contact the developers directly.
– Help make the service what you want it to be.
In the beta version, things might not to work right or the way you expect. That’s okay, it’s just for testing
new features. Feel free to report bugs to Your reviews and comments
help make Yandex.Disk better!
If you already have the main version of Yandex.Disk installed, don’t delete it: the beta version will still
work alongside it.

Puoi download Yandex.Disk Beta gratis per Android. - portale multipiattaforma internazionale dei giochi e applicazioni mobili. Download Yandex.Disk Beta gratis dallo sviluppatore Yandex Apps e usala con piacere.

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  • Licenza Gratis
  • È necessario Android 4.0 e versioni successive
  • Categoria Produttività
  • Sviluppatore Yandex Apps
  • Classificazione contenuti 3+