letgo – buy and sell used items such as electronics, cars, clothes, jewelry.

Get offers for your needs and sell things you don’t need, it’s time to live and let go!

Why choose used?

To be honest, what we have is not always what we need. We just can’t afford to give away if we need one day. We forget that true happiness should be in having the right things, not a lot of things. Experience is important – things are just a tool to help us live the way we want.

We created letgo to make second nature shopping faster, easier and more fun. We want to create a sustainable future where nothing goes unused. By listing what you don’t need with a photo and finding what you need right in your area, you’re not only helping to buy and sell more, but you’re also helping to live longer. Plus, it’s free. Free is good.

Sell your products easily

A list of things you don’t need can help you get the most out of your stuff and life, make money to get what you really need, or make your dreams come true. You will also be contributing to the economy, which is a smart move rather than hiding or throwing away items that are still usable.

Buy cheaper

Millions of people have downloaded letgo and have already started listing! Here you will find a wide selection of used cars, electronics, furniture, household goods, sports equipment, books. It’s all you can wish for. Start exploring letgo for any need!

Fast and modern

List items in seconds as easy as taking a picture. letgo is the only application with cutting-edge technology that auto-titles and categorizes your listing, whether you’re selling a used iPhone or a used car! Find the best deals on letgo today. Earn money by selling new things. It’s safe and easy.

Find the best local deals

With location-based browsing, letgo makes it easy to find great deals or deals with buyers in your area. You can instantly negotiate a price with sellers and buyers in the app.

Buy and sell cars with letgo oto+

We know that buying and selling cars is a very tedious and long process. Now it’s easier, faster and safer with our new letgo oto+ service! Letgo oto+ warranted vehicles from our extensive portfolio are independently tested, TSE approved, 12 months/20,000 km warranty and 14 day exchange warranty. If you want to sell your car, all you have to do is get a free initial car quote and sign up for a free inspection. If you want to sell your car, letgo oto+ offers free car valuation, professional inspection, transparent pricing, easy selling process, secure payment within 3 hours and more.

Buy and sell safely

Whether you’re buying or selling, we offer in-app chat, verified user profiles with ratings and reviews, and a magic link to help you do it safely.

Super boost mode

Automatically maximizes the visibility of lists. Get ready to attract more potential buyers in your area! Every day we will select the listing with the best chance of selling and post it within 24 hours. Your auto-recommended list will move to the top for maximum visibility. Save time and increase your chances of making sales without lifting a finger! Super Boost mode is available with a monthly subscription. Recurring billing that you can cancel at any time.

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