Mein Laborergebnis

Mein Laborergebnis

Mein Laborergebnis – quickly, safely and easily inform those who have been tested about the results of laboratory tests.

In many cases, subjects urgently await encouraging news from the lab. With the Mein Laborergebnis app, we want to offer a solution that works without any problems for the test and involved laboratories and meets all data protection requirements.

To minimize business hours for the transmission of urgent lab results, we have created the ability for medical labs to share lab results, including COVID-19 tests, with those who have been tested in the real world. time.

Tested people receive a QR code during the test, which contains a UUID and links directly to the corresponding results page at This QR code is transmitted to the test subject when the sample is taken. In some cases, we can also work with QR codes from existing sources.

The test takers can then simply scan the QR code with this app to find out about the progress of their exams, or enter the UUID manually at

The Mein Laborergebnis application allows you to manage various test results. Once scanned, QR codes are stored in the app and can be requested again without any effort. For convenience, QR codes can be named individually or already known test results can be removed from the list.

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