Naranja X

Naranja X

Naranja X – you can have a free peso account to manage your money from your mobile phone.

You open an account, add money and your money grows every day without any action and it is always available for you to use. You will also be able to pay for services, make transfers and replenishments, request loans. And if you have a business, you have Touch and a payment link to collect and manage sales data from the app.

In addition, you have access to 2 Visa cards, one credit card for installment purchases, and another debit card for purchases online or at every company in the world that accepts Visa cards.

Naranja X Features

  • Access to a peso account without opening or maintenance costs and with daily income.
  • Get access to thousands of promotions and installments in stores across the country.
  • Pay for your bill with credit cards and services: water, electricity, gas, cable, among over 4000 others, without queues and commissions.
  • Withdraw money from any ATM in the country for free. You can also use it to subscribe to online movie, music, series, mobile top-up and transport services.
  • Check the summary of your Orange X credit card and cards available for purchase.
  • Make immediate and free transfers to any virtual wallet (CVU) or bank account (CBU).
  • Charge with our touch card reader or via payment link. You choose when you want to receive money from your sales.
  • Get access to our channels to draw attention to all our channels: chat, phone and social networks.
  • Apply for a loan with your Orange X credit card.

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