Nonogram is an addictive cross puzzle game with pictures and a huge puzzle collection. Challenge your wits with this simple number puzzle from a top developer and become a true Nonogram master!

Join puzzle lovers from all over the world, use logic to open pixel images and have fun!

Nonogram features

  • Lots of nonogram puzzles with non-repetitive images to color in.
  • Seasonal events. Complete time-limited events by solving crossword puzzles of multiple difficulty levels. Uncover and collect all of the unique cross postcards. Stay tuned for updates on our number puzzles so you don’t miss a single event!
  • Daily problems. Solve cross puzzles every day to earn crowns. Get a special monthly trophy if you solve all the crosswords and collect all the crowns in a month!
  • Tournaments. Compete with other players and color as many neogram pictures as you can. Choose a more difficult puzzle page to practice your skills, earn more points and win the grand prize!
  • Use hints if you get stuck solving picture cross puzzles.
  • Autocross will help you complete the grid on lines in number puzzles where the squares are already correctly colored.

Nonogram is also known as a picture cross, gridler, picross, or pictogram. If you have heard of any of them, you probably know the rules.

Immerse yourself in the world of Nonogram! Challenge your mind with a puzzle page of your preferred difficulty. Compete with other players to solve cross puzzles! Improve your logic skills, discover new artworks and have fun with Nonogram!

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