Phone by Google

Phone by Google

Phone by Google is the official Google phone call app.

The phone helps you easily communicate with family and friends, block unwanted calls and know who is calling before you answer – all thanks to a simple and intuitive design.

Key features of Phone by Google

  • Powerful spam protection
    See suspicious call alerts to help you avoid unwanted calls from spammers, telemarketers and scammers. Block numbers so they don’t call you again.
  • Know who is calling you
    Google’s extensive caller ID coverage lets you know the company that’s calling so you can answer with confidence.
  • No more waiting on hold
    Hold for Me lets you get back into your day. If business puts you on hold, Google Assistant can wait on the line and let you know when someone is ready to talk.
  • Shield unknown callers
    The Call Screen feature answers calls from unknown callers, filters detected spammers without interrupting you, and helps you learn more about strangers before answering them.
  • Visual Voicemail
    Check your messages without calling your voicemail – view and play them in any order, read transcripts, and delete or save them right from the app.
  • Call recording
    Record your phone calls to get important information for future reference. Everyone hears a message when the recording starts, so they know and the recordings are saved on your phone.
  • Intuitive Design
    With a simple and lightweight design, your loved ones will always be at hand. Also, switch to dark mode to save battery and reduce eye strain at night.
  • Emergency support
    View your current location when making an emergency call and share information about the assistance you need, as well as your location, to the emergency operator without speaking.

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