PK XD is a game where you can create your own avatar, build your own house, meet, talk and have fun with friends, get a virtual pet, play mini-games and much more!

Embark on new adventures in this open world game where you’ll challenge yourself with mini-games to get exclusive items and take your home, your appearance, your pets and all your entertainment to the next level.

Ready to explore this universe and join millions of players from all over the world?

Create your own avatar

Your character, your rules! You can be a zombie, a unicorn, a witch or even a dragon if you want. Just use your imagination to combine all the available items: monster slippers, futuristic boots, incredible wings, ninja swords, cat mask, shark gloves, lobster gloves, golden hair, funny backpacks, incredible sunglasses, cool clothes and more.

Evolve your virtual pet

You already have a home, friends, a job… The fun will be completed with your very own virtual pet! From common to rare animals, you can find cats, dogs, pigs, cows, buffaloes, hedgehogs, raccoons, alligators, hippos… phew! There are many cute creatures that will be your partners in the game! Take care of them and let them grow with you.

Chat with friends and relax

This is your virtual world! You can do whatever you want. So, in addition to exploring the world and solving problems, you can try yourself in various activities such as relaxing in floats, ice cream, jumping with a “booster”, dancing in different styles and movements, as well as having fun with your friends. and neighbors!

Create your dream home

Build your house, acquire new items and decorate the house as you wish. The only limit is your imagination! Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find: puff cloud, dance mat, lava lamp, wallpaper, fluffy rug, gamer chair, paintings, fantasy fireplace, heart shaped balloons, kitchen supplies, bathroom items and more!

Challenge your friends in super fun mini-games

There’s always something new on PK XD! Play mini-games and complete quests in each season. How about a crazy run or pizza delivery to earn coins?

Android, iOS
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