Qibla Finder‎

Qibla Finder‎


Qibla Finder is an application that helps Muslims find the best qibla around the world.

The direction of the Kaaba in Mecca (Mecca) is indicated by an arrow on the map, so you can adjust your direction before you start praying.

Qibla Finder is one of the rules that every Muslim should pay attention to. With our app, you can find the qibla accurately wherever you are. This way you can start praying without losing your location.

Qibla Finder Features

  • You don’t need internet to see where Mecca is. Qibla Finder shows you where Mecca is even offline using the compass feature.
  • Your direction is determined with precision thanks to the app’s GPS function. For Qibla, your phone’s GPS function should work correctly.
  • You can re-determine your position with the Find My Position feature to be sure of the Kaaba.
  • You can share 100% Compass on Facebook and other social networks with your friends.

Keep your phone on a flat surface and keep it away from electromagnetic fields and metal objects. If necessary, you can manually change your location by touching the marker.

To use Qibla Finder‎, your phone must be away from magnetic fields. If there is too strong a magnetic field around, you may have trouble finding your way. Having a device nearby that interferes with GPS can also affect driving. If you think you are getting an incorrect result, you can try again while there is no electronic device. However, you must make sure that your phone is working properly. A problem with the phone can cause problems. Don’t forget to activate the Google GPS features. If you don’t allow the app’s location, you might run into problems. So make sure you allow everything.

You can also use Qibla Finder‎ as a compass. With the help of your phone’s sensors, you have used one of the most accurate compass apps. The compass functions will work even if you are offline. We remind you that you must be absolutely sure that there is no electromagnetic field around you in order to avoid problems with the compass functions.

In order to get the best results, never forget the condition that you get the correct result once. On next attempts, run the product when you get the correct result. Thus, you will continue to use the product without any problems.

Don’t forget to allow Google services to make sure the app works properly. Thus, you will be able to access all the features without any problems. If you don’t give permission, it’s only natural to experience crashes and issues while you work.

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