Real Gangster Crime

Real Gangster Crime


Real Gangster Crime – welcome to real life gangster simulator.

The criminal world will always exist, these are the rules of the game Real Gangster Crime. In this free game, you have to try to go through a long and thorny path to the pinnacle of success. The price of success in this underworld is very high, few can reach the top. Try your hand at an exciting 3D third-person shooter with RPG elements and plunge into the atmosphere of street life in an open 3D world.

You are waiting for daily action throughout the big city. A dangerous and fascinating world with harsh laws will appear before you in all its glory. If you are ready to test yourself – then go ahead, show everyone who the real gangster is in this city, eliminate all fake competitors and create a big underground empire yourself.

The plot of the game Real Gangster Crime takes place in a large modern city surrounded by ghetto areas. Tall skyscrapers and luxurious living make this city an oasis in the desert. This sinful city never sleeps and with its lights attracts everyone who dares to challenge the stone jungle. Try your hand at this exciting adventure to success and glory.

You are waiting for exciting tasks to get the necessary game resources that will be useful to you for more serious tasks. A harsh street life awaits you, where every man is for himself. The streets of the city constantly require concentration, as crazy bullets can fly here or gangs are at war with large-scale firefights. Passing interesting quests, you will better learn who and how rules this city.

You will have a rich arsenal at your disposal, with which you will not be bored. Cool and pumped things will help you pass the game. Improve your skills in dexterity, endurance, equipment and weapon management. In the weapon shop you will find a wide selection. There are things for every taste. Starting from the smallest knife and ending with a powerful machine gun, which you need to be able to handle. You can arm yourself to the maximum, no one will stop you.

Customize your character by making it look unique, because this is your virtual warrior and he should look stylish. You can constantly change the image of your hero. A large clothing store for the character is at your service. In the store you will find hats, baseball caps, masks, glasses, funny costumes, wigs, stylish shoes, shirts and much more. Various items of clothing increase the health, agility or stamina of your hero. Some things open additional superpowers.

In the store you can buy a first aid kit and body armor. Also, these useful things can be found on the streets of the city or taken from enemies. Stock up on protection and health regeneration in advance, this will help you survive the battle.

The game Real Gangster Crime has a large number of different cars. Ordinary city cars, sports cars, SUVs, unique tuned cars, sci-fi cars. In the store you will find powerful motorcycles, they will allow you to easily get away from the chase. A powerful and well-armed tank is waiting for you, the tank is the most effective tool in the game, no one will stop you with it. A combat helicopter will allow you to attack any targets, covert movement and surprise attacks are a small part of how a helicopter can be used.

On the city map there are a lot of free game resources such as a first aid kit, ammo, weapons, money, all you need to do is find them.

Real Gangster Crime game offers a whole amusement park, explore the city and find interesting activities. You can also just drive around the city by car and listen to music. Go for adventure!

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