Spiral Betty

Spiral Betty


Spiral Betty is a simple and easy to use application that allows you to turn your images into a masterpiece of spiral art, yes, you can transform your simple photo into a work of art of spiral art.

Spiral Betty video editor allows you to turn your video into spiral artwork, with a few clicks you can make your boring video amazing with spiral art effect.

The spiral art photo editing app provides too many features for you to edit your photos in a spiral and make them look cool and like an illusion.

Spiral Betty functions

  • Size the spiral art, you can resize the spiral circles as you like, make it smaller or thicker, you have the choice.
  • The color of the spiral line art, you can change the color of the spiral line as you like.
  • Spiral art background color, in addition to changing the color of spiral art lines, our application allows you to change the background of your spiral art photo.
  • Swap colors in places, you can switch between spiral line art and spiral art background colors as you like with one click.

How to use Spiral Betty

  • Open the spiral art app.
  • Click on the image import button and select an image from your gallery.
  • Once you’ve selected an image, the spiral art app will automatically create a spiral image from your photo.
  • You have always had the ability to change the size of the lines of the spiral pattern, the background of the spiral pattern, and the color of the lines.
  • Once you’re done editing your photo, click the export button and the spiral art app will automatically save the edited image to your device’s gallery.

Spiral Betty gives you the ability to turn your photo into an aesthetic and vaporous spiral artwork, yes, with just a few clicks here and there, you can make your image look cool and beautiful.

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