Talking Ben the Dog

Talking Ben the Dog

Talking Ben the Dog is a retired chemistry professor who enjoys his quiet comfortable life of eating, drinking and reading newspapers.

To make him react, you will have to disturb him long enough for him to fold his newspaper. You can then talk to him, tickle or tickle him, or even talk to him on the phone.

However, if you bring Ben to his lab, he will be as happy as a puppy. There you can do chemistry experiments by mixing a combination of two test tubes and watch fun reactions.

How to play Talking Ben the Dog

  • Poke Ben on the newspaper to make him fold it.
  • Then you can talk to Ben and he will repeat.
  • Poke or slap Ben in the face, stomach, legs, or arms.
  • Tickle Ben’s belly.
  • Tap or swipe on Ben’s graduation photo.
  • Press the phone button and talk to Ben.
  • Record a funny video of your phone conversation with Ben.
  • Press buttons to make Ben eat, drink or burp.
  • Press the chemistry button to switch Ben to the lab.
  • Mix any two test tubes together and watch a fun chemical reaction.
  • Record videos and share them on YouTube or email them to your friends and family.

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