Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena – test yourself in various game modes: from classic MOBA Tower Rush to battle royale with monthly updates and attractive rewards.

In addition, Thetan Arena introduces you to a brand new “play to earn” system that allows you to earn cryptocurrency by playing and trading heroes on the marketplace.

With Thetan Arena, Wolffun wants to offer you an all-ages, free-to-play PvP MOBA mobile game suitable for all types of players, from casual players with little time to hardcore players looking for a real challenge. No matter how much you invest in our game, you will have the opportunity to compete with others. Now let your heroes strike!

Thetan Arena features

  • Battle Royale: [solo/duo] brand new mode to find the last survivor. Show your tactics and survive in a massive battle royale with 42 players and 21 duos.
  • Deathmatch: Traditional PvP mode. Form a group of 4 players and take on others.
  • Superstar: Gather a Superstar faster than enemies can.
  • Tower Destruction: Classic MOBA mode. Rush to your enemy nexus and destroy it.
  • Equip your heroes with a wide range of skills beyond their signature abilities – creating more possible combinations and strategies to survive on the battlefield.
  • Matches last up to 5 minutes – perfect for on-the-go gaming and casual to intermediate players.
  • Over 30 unreleased heroes. Each hero has a signature ability (fury) that, if used at the right time, will turn the battle on its head.

What else you’ll find at Thetan Arena

  • Free game with free heroes and skills.
  • A completely new “play and earn” system that allows you to earn cryptocurrency.
  • Trade items and skins on the market.
  • Content updated monthly.
  • Occasional special events: campaign, gathering, leaderboard competition, war.
  • Get rewards for each achievement and milestone in your progress.
  • Ranking system with generous rewards for top level players.
  • Pet system.
  • Leasing system.
  • Guild quests/wars.
  • Tournament.
  • Healthy and active community.

Gather your friends and get ready for battles. A glorious victory awaits you all there at Thetan Arena.

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