Toloka is an application for making money on the Internet without investments.

Choose tasks, complete them online or offline at your convenience, and get rewarded.

Anyone can earn money in Toloka – no special knowledge is required. The tasks are simple and no experience is required to complete them. All you need is a mobile phone, Internet access (at least sometimes) and time to complete freelance tasks.

Toloka is a way to earn real money. You just have to put in a little effort to ensure good quality and complete enough tasks to make it worth it.

Main functions of Toloka

How to make money online
If you walk a lot in your free time or on your way to work, Toloka has field assignments where you find organizations and add information about them, such as photos, building entrances, and opening hours. If you prefer to make money at home, you can check if the websites match your search terms or if the site descriptions are accurate. You can watch videos and mark those that your smartphone does not play, or evaluate the usefulness of Yandex search results. In Toloka, you can do several things at the same time.

Where can I earn money in a mobile application
The application is suitable for remote tasks in Russia and some other countries, including Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Turkey. The application has an offline mode: you can save tasks and a city map so that you can complete tasks even without an internet connection. The “Send tasks over Wi-Fi” option helps to save traffic.

When can you do tasks?
Earn at any time and from any device – smartphone, tablet or computer. Use the app for both basic income and freelancing, for example if you want to complete tasks part-time after work, on weekends or on vacation.

How to withdraw money
Earnings are calculated in dollars, and you can withdraw funds in local currency using PayPal, Payoneer or Skrill. Self-employed citizens of Russia can use YooMoney, and Turkish users can withdraw to Papara.

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