Vegas Crime Simulator

Vegas Crime Simulator

Vegas Crime Simulator is a dynamic game application that will take you on a journey through the criminal world. Become a notorious gangster and explore a huge and intricate crime city where danger lurks around every corner and gang wars are the norm.

Become the most powerful and feared bandit in the city by participating in the most daring heists and robberies. You have the freedom to choose your own path, whether you want to be a brutal gangster or a skilled bandit who thinks through every task to the end. Work alone or with your gang to build the most powerful crime empire in Vegas Crime Simulator. Plan your next big heist, assemble your team and pull off the perfect heist in this gangster crime simulator.

Vegas Crime Simulator Features

  • Try your luck at the club, play cards and hit the jackpot to become a rich crime boss. Play exciting mini-games such as roulette, blackjack and slot machines in the casino and get big rewards.
  • Arm with an arsenal of weapons and vehicles to take on the great mafia and rival gangs in Vegas Crime Simulator’s epic battles. Customize your character with various accessories and outfits that will enhance your abilities and make you look like a real gangster.
  • Choose your own fighting style, using knives, bats, pistols ranging from submachine guns to blasters, and essentials such as medkits and armor. Surprise your enemies by flying into battle in the mighty Steel Suit or swinging around the city on a rope, climbing buildings or using Ultimate to get rid of your problems!
  • Immerse yourself in the breathtaking 3D graphics of Vegas Crime Simulator with stunning cityscapes that capture the essence of the crime city. Search the streets for hidden collectibles, explore dark alleyways for loot, and drive around towering skyscrapers – you’ll never know what you’ll find on the treacherous roads of Sin City.

This gaming app is optimized for most devices so you can experience the excitement of Vegas Crime Simulator wherever you are. Enjoy the game in amazing detail whether you have a powerful device or a simple tablet. Choose your own path and take control of your destiny in this best gangster simulator.

Join the ranks of the most notorious criminals in Vegas, become a real gangster and leave your mark on the city. Start playing Vegas Crime Simulator now and take the first step towards becoming a crime lord.

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