Flash call-flashlight on Call and SMS

Flash call-flashlight on Call and SMS

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  • Flash call-flashlight on Call and SMS
  • Flash call-flashlight on Call and SMS
  • Flash call-flashlight on Call and SMS
  • Flash call-flashlight on Call and SMS
  • Flash call-flashlight on Call and SMS

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One of the most popular flash alert APP in CHINA! More than 1.5million downloads and with such large number of trustworthy users, this APP gain highest rating of 4.5 in CHINA. Download the app and step into the next level of smart phone using experience.

Flash on Call and SMS app gives flash alerts on incoming calls, SMS and notification of your selected application with the flash blink from LED light back of the phone.

Bright flash on call and SMS alerts application. Pretty useful flash alerts in dark places or in meetings where ringtones or vibrations causes disturbance. Multicolor Flash alerts on call is a smart tool to remind you of incoming call or SMS with camera flashlight. So this flash on call and flash on SMS notify you clearly by flash alerts with LED blinks.

Our call flash app is same as flashlight app and phone flash on clap, but flash led will start blinking when you will receive call or sms. When your phone start ringing torch light will blink depend upon your settings. This flash alert on call and sms alert app will notify you about your pending notifications on your phone.

Flash alerts puts the power of flash blink customization for your android phone at your fingertips. Create unique call flash light blink patterns for incoming phone calls, texts. Use this torch light as flash alert.

Special Features:
✔Music flash is the new feature, that the light will flash with the music or some other sound outside.
✔Flash on call and sms can be set to work in any phone mode (Ring, Vibrate, Silent)
✔Flash on applications you choose
✔Turn ON or OFF all the blink flash alerts with a single tap
✔ Ringing flashlight when you have incoming Call, incoming SMS.
✔ Set flash alerts ON or OFF time for call alerts and sms flash alerts notifications
✔ Set the number of flashes per message
✔ Flash alerts intervals for call.
✔ Flash alerts on call and sms is a low memory consuming app
✔ Flash on call and sms is a low battery consuming app
✔ Turn off flash alerts when battery low, help save battery
✔ Regulate blinking flashlight frequency for this flash alerts
✔ This Led flash alerts and ringing flashlight helps you do not miss any call or sms
✔ Switch ON flash alerts only on locked device state to save battery
✔ Choose your incoming call Flash alert mode from several ones.
✔ Choose your incoming SMS Flash
✔ Set flash alerts ON for SMS message or call.

Use LED flash on call and sms when:
• You have to keep your phone on silent but still need to know who’s texting (movie theatres, plays, baby sleeping, etc.)
• You need to identify caller but can’t turn your phone on (in a conference or meeting)
• You’re in a noisy location and can’t hear your ringtone (coffee shops, parties)
• To make cool appearance with your ordinary smart phone.

Using music flash when:
• dancing and singing in bars
• making your party bright and colorful at your home
•At concerts, cheering with music as idols
• The app is designed for all kind of users with easy user interface.
• Have a try of this amazing creation and become smarter.
• Don’t forget to suggest your friend about the app.
• Make sure you hit the Five Star with good ratting.
• Check our other apps

Thank you for your support

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