Would You Rather

Would You Rather


Would You Rather is a simple casual quiz game where you have to choose option 1 or option 2.

Once you select an option, you will be able to see detailed statistics for the question.

You can see how other people voted, how many men, women and other people would prefer option 1 and how many would prefer option 2.

You can also add your own questions and share them with your friends and other players.

Each question you would prefer (any one) has its own question number that you can share with others and they can type it in, play that question and see if they prefer to split or go through Scenario 1 or Scenario 2.

For each question, you can express your opinion. You can leave comments and reply to other players’ comments.

Would You Rather is completely free to play and can be played by both young and old. You can play it alone or with friends at home or at a party. Just select one scenario or another and see which scenario got the most votes and which one got the least.

Would You Rather also contains custom games

  • Guess the Percentage: Guess what percentage of people voted for the selected option.
  • Guess the answer and choose your answer, then guess the answer of your opponents.
  • Guess the popular games: guess which option has the most votes.

The person who guesses the most questions correctly wins. Win more games and climb up the list!

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